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My grandmother, Annabelle (Pape Schmidt) Turbes loved to travel. Upon her memoirs, we found tidbits of unclaimed photos and some of her travel journals. Although many of the photos cannot be matched with her travel logs, just reading her hand written script brings back vivid memories of her many adventures and stories that she told all of us.


My Travels Day by Day

Enroute to Winnipeg, Canada. 

Ray & Annabelle Turbes and Eulah & Myron Barber in their Dodge

from Redwood Falls, Minnesota. 

August 9th, 1974. "We started about 6:30PM. It was cloudy and we had a nice shower of rain today. Stopped in Echo to see a fire, which turned out to be a bunch of trees. Stopped at Marv Kratzes' at Elbow lake. Had pie and coffee. Stopped traveling about 11:00PM. Got a motel in Fergus Falls. Went to a cocktail lounge. Didn't stay long. Music too loud and all kids. Raining out."


Saturday, August 10th, 1974. "Left about 7:30AM. Still raining. Ate breakfast at Fergus Falls. Rained most of the way, until we got to the border. Got a room at a hotel right downtown in Winnepeg. Arrived about 4:00 o'clock. Eulah and Myron went to stay with some friends. Ray and I went to a movie and then walked 12 blocks. Really tired."


Sunday, August 11th, 1974. "Got up at 9:00AM and went to church at 11:00AM. Myron and Ernie Ursal came and took us out to their home. Very nice people. Went to see Fort Gerry. Ate supper at Rey & Jerry's. Very good and we got very full. Walked around beautiful buildings. Went to the Federal buildings walked around them and got into the Parliament building. Real beautiful. Ray & I walked home."